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Bike Shop CX

Aug 28, 2014

This week I get to sit down with Rebecca Wissman from Tailwind Racing to talk about their season of races, and how they do things in general along with plans for the Midwest Regional Cyclocross race that they are running.  THEN the tech geeks get their fix as I do a Campy 10 speed ergoshift overhaul on mic!!

Aug 14, 2014

This week I talk about short pull and long pull brake levers and the problem solvers travel agent.  Then I discuss wheeldish and why dishing tools work the way they do and finally I finish it off with some discussion on spoke fatigue.

Apr 9, 2014

This week I cover a bunch of stuff! I discuss the Pedro's Tool winner and give the rules to enter our NEW Challenge Tire contest.  Then a quick chat with Andy about the Beat the Train ride in Detroit.  A great interview with Kirk Pacenti about his little idea years ago of a modern mountain bike with 650b wheels,...

Mar 25, 2014

This week I get pretty tech geeky with discussion on the announcement of the SRAM CX-1 drive train and then in the bike shop go on to discuss servicing your disc brake rotors.

Feb 18, 2014

This week I give disc brakes a little love by talking about the TRP Hy/Rd then have a bit of a discussion about bike mechanic pay and finish off in the bike shop talking about repairing crank pedal threads.