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Bike Shop Show

May 22, 2020

Mr. David Palan and I are joined by Ms. Jenn Jackson this week as a guest host.  It's a long show but Jenn told us she had a lot of driving to do so there you go! What are you workin on is back along with a drive train cleaning segment and of course viewer mail!

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May 11, 2020

As Steve Cullen of ButcherBox eloquently put it back in Episode 21, criteriums are America, they are the ultimate test of racers, machines, and teams. They are also a style of racing that lends well toward modern cycling media and with a huge fan engagement both at the event and remotely, the crit could quite possibly...

May 4, 2020

This week on the pod! It's Chains and Mail, or, we talk about chains because of mail! Why after so long, did Shimano go to quick links for chain connecting? We will tell you some of the reason why here. APRILCXCHALLENGE Winner!!!!! at the beginning of the show and viewer mail to round things out.


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